Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Transitions to Fall Traditions

It's beginning to look a lot like...Fall! I know this almost sounds like a take from the ever popular Christmas song, but we are not quite there yet.  We are thankful enough to be able to have four seasons and with this being one of the first days of fall, I thought it would be fitting to do a quick little post of what is to come.
Lots of good things come with Fall or as some would refer to it as Autumn. This is the time when harvest is plentiful, hopefully...

So fall isn't just all about doing chores and putting your flower or vegetable gardens to rest, it's about getting out on garden tours and taking in different workshops to help us learn what will work better for our gardens in years to come. We can share our stories whether it be successes or challenges and help each other learn from them. Topics of preparing for seasons are usually our main focus as we transition into the changes, however there are always new and interesting ways of doing things and helpful hints and tips. Learning and becoming aware of new varieties to put our trust into trying or experimenting with, being able to use our own creativity with planting fall bulbs whether it be our first year planting them. Keep an eye out for all of our new varieties that we are offering this fall as introductions for our spring line up are in progress as we speak.

I had the honor of presenting at the PEI Garden club at the Farm Center here in Charlottetown just recently. The topic was of course on Fall Gardening and hopefully the avid gardeners that came were able to take home some new tips. New members were gladly welcomed and there was some new faces to the club at the most recent meeting. New memberships are welcome and encouraged to join at any time of the year. Just having an interest in gardening is all you have to bring with you.  This club meets every month and during the summer months they set up garden tours all across PEI. At these meetings you may even be surprised to win something! The picture that I posted below was one that I just recently took of two sisters, Edi and Karen.  They were very excited with their prizes from Veseys. As it turns out they won an assortment of bulbs that are planted in the fall that they can have fun with and be creative in their own garden.  Maybe they will even make a new garden this year.

I did ask them for permission if I could post their picture and they were very happy to oblige. So as you see, even when the outdoor part of gardening is starting to slowly wind down..we can look forward to activities like this that will keep our excitement, enthusiasm going as well as meet with fellow gardeners all year long.  And besides this is the start of the season when we don't have to feel as guilty when we take one of these...
Or drink too much of this...
In my opinion, you can never have too much of either of those things and to add to that, we can always make time to talk about gardening. Please feel free to talk to us about gardening. We love to hear from you and are ready to be your professional gardening resource at any time.  You can visit our online growing guide posted on our website. You will find that it has lots of gardening tips with current topics that can also be found on facebook, twitter and our instructional how to videos on our own Veseys youtube channel.

Until next time, enjoy the extended summer that the kind weather forecasters promised that mother nature will bless us with!

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