Friday, September 2, 2016

Ideal Vegetables to plant late in the summer

Still have the gardening "bug" and would like to continue with more growing success?  It's still not too late to enjoy some late summer planting. The following veggies , Peas, Spinach, Radish, Leaf Lettuces, Carrots, Oriental Veggies, Swiss Chard will grow successfully when planted during this time, possibly even better, as they enjoy the combination of cooler air and warmed up soil from the summer months.

Consider these cool weather veggies for your garden for fresh harvests well into the fall! You can plant these veggies directly in your garden or even in containers if you are concerned with cooler temperatures. If they are planted in containers, they can be moved into a sheltered location to protect them until it is safe to put them back outside. In the pictures below you'll see bunching onions that I harvested from my own small apartment balcony. Gardening can be done any where!


They are very hardy and will take well to cooler temperatures, so planting in containers and moving them indoors may not be necessary. They will also keep growing past your first frost. If you are still concerned about cooler temperatures with an "in ground" planting, then you may  consider using row covers as a means of extending your harvest or protecting plants that are already established.

Late season planting has its benefits, it decreases weed competition, quick germination and reduces insect pressures. You should also be aware of the benefits YOU will  reap! Lowered grocery bill, knowing where your food is coming from, convenience of just walking out to your yard and the opportunity of an extended new or experienced hobby to name but a few.

On site here at Veseys we have displayed raised organic gardens for the public to view. These gardens have shown great results with all early, mid as well as late season plantings. It just "grows" to show that you don't need a lot of space or many plants to supply you with a great amount of fresh veggies to harvest.  These planter boxes would ideally suit a family of four all season as well as fresh picked veggies to use for preserves to enjoy during the winter months.

Veseys completely organic raised garden boxes, pictured above, were amended with natural compost, planted all organic seed varieties and as these crops continued to grow natural fish fertilizer was applied every ten days to ensure optimal health and harvest. The garden kept clean and free of pests, diseases and yes of course...weeds!

Pictured above also shows you a planter box that has hoops.  These hoops are ideal to drape row covers over to give plants room to grow and will also extend their harvest time

This type of gardening has given me great enjoyment as I was able to experiment with soil fertility, crop rotations, succession plantings and of course successful harvests which started with lettuce and radish early in the season.  In the picture below you'll see an example of succession planting at three different stages. These types of veggies are so delicious and don't take up much room.

As you can see, planting can still continue even now as well as further into the fall. Cooler weather can sometimes even bring certain veggies a tastier flavor. So bundle both yourself and your garden up and continue to enjoy what you love to do!

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