Monday, September 19, 2016

Favourite Sunflower Varieties

Every time I look at one of these...
                                                                                    ...I can't help but smile!

What is it about the Sunflower that cheers us instantly?  One of the many attributes that is so positive about this flower is that it seems like it's smiling at us and not to mention the bright and cheery colours that it displays. Just like snowflakes, there are no two alike. Times have really changed in the cultivation of sunflowers and they aren't just the ole' reliable yellow and black anymore.

While walking around the trial gardens here at Veseys, I just had to take some photos as the sunflowers are at their peak right now. Whether you want these types of plants to serve the purpose of displaying in your garden or as a cut flower, we have you covered. This variety displayed below makes an excellent late summer hedge when all other plants are starting to fade. To make your display last longer, simply snip off the spent blooms to encourage new ones to grow. For tips on dead heading these plants as well as other summer annuals you can visit our you tube channel to see how this rejuvination is done as well as any other gardening topics you would like to learn from.

Not only are the sunflowers beautiful but they "benefit" our beneficial friends as well.  We see many different types of pollinating insects that are attracted to the blooms and just when the  pollinating has completed and blooms are spent, the centre's dry up and serve as food for our flying feathery friends.

Growing sunflowers as a commercial cut flower has become quite popular. As well as growing sunflowers commercially they are also selected as one of the most popular flowers for fall weddings.  They are so easy to grow and there are now so many different types to choose from.  Sunflowers, when picked fresh, will last well in water, some varieties may even last up to 10 days when water has been changed on a daily basis.

It is so quick and easy to pick a bouquet of sunflowers that looks like you spent a lot of time arranging.  Some types are so well branched that when picked as a stand alone stalk it makes a very simple, yet tasteful bouquet just as is.  

With all of these interesting attributes of Sunflowers, why not add them to your list of things to grow next year. You can check our new varieties as well as our ever popular and reliable existing varieties here.

Until the next time...Have a Sunny Day! 

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