Friday, August 19, 2016

Raining Zucchini!!!

     You know how the saying goes..make hay on a sunny day, does this also apply for harvesting summer squash, a.k.a zucchini? One would almost think that it is raining zucchinis! 

Have you seen a lot of these in your garden lately?


    Summer Squash/Zucchini is one of the most abundant crops when it comes to harvesting. The huge blossoms as well as the big healthy plant allow it to develop many zucchini's that will have you picking from early/mid July until sometime into September. 

     The more you pick, the more you will harvest. As mentioned zucchini plants have huge blossoms that also will attract many beneficial insects.  The earliness of the blooms is timed perfectly to allow all other garden plants an opportunity to increase in pollination as well.

     The abundance of harvest may draw people away from growing this plant as they wonder what they would ever do with so many.  You can find many ideas on how to cook and serve them as well as all kinds of recipes for main dishes, salads as well as desserts online or in cookbooks. This vegetable is so versatile, so just use your imagination and come up with your own entree or snack of your preference.

     Zucchini makes a great light snack when eaten raw or blended in a smoothie instead of the ever popular ingredients like kale or spinach.  You may have heard of Spaghetti squash . This type of squash is a great alternative for people who have gluten or dietary restrictions.  Delicious and tasty vegetable is cooked up so easy and when hollowed out, it resembles noodles.  You can add whatever sauce or different topping on it or it is even great with just a little butter and brown sugar.  How could you not want to grow one of the most easiest vegetables going right now? and is this making you hungry...?

     Am I right in saying that many of you would also wonder, where would I ever fit a plant that size? If this is one aspect that may prevent you from growing this prolific producer then guess again. There are many compact varieties of zucchini including our Patio Star.

     Just the other day I had an abundance of zucchini AGAIN and so this time I decided that I would make some chips out of them.  You can find kale chips, apple chips and many other types of vegetables and fruit done this way, so why not try thinly slicing the zucchini.  I have found that the Zucchini variety named Magda was best for this as it has a tiny seed column and can be used at any stage big or small.  This variety is actually quite tasty when eaten raw as well or my favorite spread with a bit of pumpkin seed butter. It has its own bit of sweetness with a slightly salty after taste and really wouldn't require anything to be added to it.  This is a very healthy alternative and will leave you feeling great with the high nutritional value zucchini's have to offer.
     With all of these attributes in mind as well as being one of the easiest vegetables to grow, might you consider growing them in years to come and enjoy the many delicious ways they can be served.


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