Monday, May 9, 2016

Spring is Awakening!

  A sure sign of spring awakening comes from many different reminders that intrigues your senses into knowing why this is one of the most favourite times of the year, especially for us gardening gurus. If it's the chirping of the birds, distant sounds of tractors plowing the fields or the infamous aroma of compost being spread, these are all positive signs that the gardening season is now in full gear.

So with all that being said... I recommend you get on your rubber boots, duckies or whatever your favourite springtime gear is, and get out in the fresh air.  I promise you, that you will feel wonderful and much more energized.  Gardening soothes the soul in so many ways, whether it's the sense of accomplishment or just being outdoors again to "smell the flowers", it makes your spirits rise and gives you the true spring fever feeling!

     Here at Vesey's, there sure are signs of spring and have been for quite awhile.  We are in full gear with supplying many products to all of our gardening friends new as well as returning customers. It is with great pleasure to advise and make new suggestions whether your garden is big or small. No matter what you are growing, it sure is one of the most rewarding hobbies or jobs you will ever set out to enjoy.

     Crocus, hyacinths and other early bulbs such as scilla are now all in full bloom.  Tips and tops of tulips and daffodils are starting to emerge along with many other perennials pushing through the soil. It's so exciting when taking a walk around the yard to get reacquainted with what was growing and new plants that may have been started last year.  This is a great time to take stock of what may need dividing or transplanting.  It may be very tempting to want to start doing it right now and you can if all frost has lifted and your night time temperatures aren't going to be a risk of injury for newly uprooted plants.  Many gardeners will wait until the month of May when warmer temperatures arrive before attempting this task. In the meantime, if you are looking for other things to do if you have to wait on transplanting, I'm sure you will find an endless list of chores.  Picking up twigs, pulling overwintered weeds before they start to spread, trimming broken limbs and raking are a few to get started with.
     Your garden really is your oasis, so don't get overwhelmed with too many chores to do, besides...Rome wasn't built in one day!, so your yard won't all get done in one day either. Be outside whatever time you can and just enjoy it.  It is your own yard so its up to you with what you can and want to do with it.  That is the part of gardening that is and should be the most enjoyable. Take risks of experimenting with new plants to grow or ways in growing whether its flowers, veggies, trees, fruit or all of the above.

     Other gardening jobs that can be done at this time are trimming old tops off perennials to unearth new growth, edging any or all flower, vegetable gardens as well as topping up with compost. You can use a flat spade to outline your beds in the spring if it wasn't done in the fall or if it just needs a little touch up.  This is a great way to reduce weeds from spreading into them and it also puts a nice finishing touch to give your garden a completed look.  Some gardeners will even trim their beds with different types of stone or rocks that are found in their yard or use plastic edging.  This will also give ease to the lucky one who has the job of cutting and trimming the grass during the season. 

     Many people have reverted to growing Raised Beds.  Raised beds simply just mean mounded soil that raises the garden on a slightly higher level then the sod whether its surrounded with wooden boards or even just edged leaving the soil naturally and neatly in place.  Raised beds are beneficial in so many ways with a few worth mentioning, they provide great drainage and warm up faster allowing an earlier and more even planting. Another benefit of a raised garden is that weeds have a harder time to grow in these types of beds. These beds can be prepared in the spring or fall and planted into as soon as its prepared.

     Gardeners can sometimes have a challenge or be stumped with difficulty in getting certain things to grow. If this has been the case for you, it may be a good idea to invest in a soil analysis. You also may want to check your pH level to find out what your soil pH is.  The pH scale runs from 0 – 14. The mid-point is 7.0 or neutral. The lower numbers are acidic, so you would need to add lime to reach a more desirable level. The higher numbers are alkaline; you would need to add sulfur to reach a more desirable level. Vegetable gardens enjoy soil a little on the acidic side which would be 6.0-6.8.  Best not to let it get too low or to high as performance would be affected. These tests are very simple to do and can be done by yourself with a soil testing kit . If you are unsure and not comfortable doing these tests yourself you can simply gather some soil, put in a sterile bag and transport it to your local soil lab for an analysis and a small fee.  This is actually best done in the fall, however you can do it early spring as well.  This soil report will define clearly what is needed to amend your garden making sure it is properly done. Peace of mind with the exact recommendations will take away from the guessing and deliberating as to what may have happened with your garden from previous years.


  The enjoyable challenges of gardening at any time of the year are always very welcomed, but there is something that stands out in the springtime.  I think really it's the excitement in everyone's step as they have been so anxious during the cold months to get started.  It is great to take advantage of early warm spring days, but keep in mind that too early is not always going to get you ahead.  Waiting for the right growing conditions is worth its "Wait" in gold.  The most important thing to remember this spring is to enjoy your garden and be sure to take some time to sit back and watch it grow.

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