Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Beet with White flesh

It's an avalanche! No, I'm not threatening that winter is coming back especially since spring is finally settling in.  I'm actually talking about a different kind of Avalanche, and I'm pleased to introduce our newest beet variety offered right here at Vesey's and is available for planting any time now.

The reason why this beet was so perfectly named, Avalanche is because of its unique white flesh and strong vigor in all types of soil and climates. It is reliable and can cover a wide area if you let it. These unique characteristics set it apart from all other beet varieties. I know and can appreciate that it is hard to consider trying something that is so different from the reliable red round beets such as Merlin or Detroit Dark Red, however you can still grow these as well. For the first year of trying this new variety, start with a small amount to see if you like them and how they compare in yield to other types that you have grown for years. Check out the above link to see all other beet varieties as it explains how each type compares.

The advantages of growing a white beet of this kind are endless.  I will share some of the real highlights of Avalanche from our trials over the past few years and why we decided to list it in our 2016 Vesey's Seeds catalogue. 

Aside from the unique white flesh that this new hybrid offers, it has excellent raw eating quality too.  I know what you are thinking...yuck, why would I eat a raw beet when I can eat so many other types of delicious veggies raw such as carrots or peas . Well now you can add beets to that list. If you are coming home from a busy day, craving the flavour that beets have to offer but don't have time to cook them, why not try serving your beets raw. This is especially refreshing in the summer. Eating these new white beets raw will really give you the true beet flavour that cooking can sometimes take away. It also has an even sweeter flavour when eaten raw.

This beet variety will stand up to many kinds of growing conditions but the ideal ones would be similar to growing all other beet types. The greens of this hybrid are grown up right and also offer a delicious eating quality.  The greens have excellent disease resistance and can be picked and topped through out the growing season. 

Another added benefit about this new beet variety is that because of its white flesh you won't get the staining when cooking or pickling like you would with a red beet. This is especially ideal if you have the misfortune of beets boiling over and I know that we all have experienced this from time to time.  Cleaning up the red mess and getting it all over your hands can be quite a challenge.  Now I'm not trying to sway you away from growing the red beet anymore, just simply encouraging you to try something new that we are very confident that we can stand behind as it showed us such great results and still continues to in our trials field.  

Many gardeners also would enjoy roasting these beets along with other veggies. Roasted beets are very delicious but when mixed with other veggies the colour runs and turns all other veggies with a tint of red, but not with Avalanche as mentioned earlier it is non-staining.   

You can cook these beets as well as pickle them the exact same way as you would with the red and yellow types. They can also be chopped up and served raw with other veggies for a veggie tray.  

You grow these beets just like you would all other types.  Spacing, planting and thinning for all beet types are the same and you can find those tips and instructions right here

As your beets begin to grow they may need a little thinning. Beets will benefit from thinning from to time if there was an abundance of successful germination. After possible thinning and as the beets begin to form their roots, the root may start to surface above the soil. A good tip on how to keep the beet root completely white and prevent them from "green shoulders" is to hill them to where the tops meet the crown of the root.  This process is carried out the same as you would with carrots, parsnip and other root vegetable that this could occur with. 

Growing beets is so beneficial for your health as it is considered one of the super foods.  Whether its chopped raw, pickled, roasted or even just simply can't BEET the flavour especially when its fresh from your own garden!

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