Monday, May 30, 2016

Beautiful Bulbs and Perennials

Spring Time at Vesey's

Have a look at what is in full bloom here on site at Vesey's Seeds as well as many other yards. These beautiful bulbs are showing us an abundance of colour as spring starts to brighten everyone's yard and their spirits. The picture of the Viola below was sent to me from my brother's yard in Guelph, Ontario.  Spring has sprung all across Canada!


Gardening season is now in full gear and as gardeners are visiting our store or equipment department they will be graced with the beauty of the Vesey's grounds. These spring beauties were planted last fall and some even from previous fall seasons. If you can believe it, the fall bulb catalogue is now available. You can start placing your order to guarantee that you get the bulbs of your choice.

Pictured left is a new collection of Red Impression and White Hakuun Tulips.  This combination of tulip bulbs represent an international symbol of friendship and kindness and is called the 150 Celebration Garden.  This is exclusive to Vesey's and only 150 of these gardens will be planted. Now is a good time to plan this garden while these bulbs are available.  They make an excellent ground cover in a large full sun location.  For deepest impact plant in large groupings. These and many more themed gardens are found in our bulb catalogue as well as our Vesey's website.  You can find all the newest 2016 bulbs here.

We welcome you to take a walk around our grounds and themed gardens now and all during the gardening season. You will see beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs that truly compliment each of the gardens and give color all season long.  

You may also want to venture up in back of our equipment barn to where our vegetable trials are located.



Our trials gardens have all of our existing varieties of veggies growing from Artichoke to Zucchini along with new varieties to compare. Each variety is labeled to be sure we know which variety stands out the best so that we can offer you, our valued customer and gardening friend, the best there is! Even my nanny pictured left loves to get out and put her hands in the warm spring soil and maybe even pull a few weeds!

You can continue to check out our photos in our weekly blogs as well as on our Vesey's facebook page.  Now is the time to get out there and take pride and pictures in what you have been growing along with any new successes that you want to share.

All across Canada our gardens are shaping up and looking beautiful. Gardening adds such value to your property as well as value to your health.  It is an endless rewarding hobby to have and all during the season you are meet with priceless rewards.





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