Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Herb Gardening

             Let's Hear it for the Herbs...

It's all a buzz here at Vesey's as spring has arrived! Whether you are planning on growing either flowers or veggies, there is nothing better then to compliment either of these types of gardens with herbs. Growing herbs can be beneficial in so many ways for both gardens and most importantly the benefits they have for YOU!

Many gardeners enjoy growing herbs outdoors during the warmer temperatures as they do quite well. While it may still be cool in your region you can get a jump start at growing these herbs as transplants indoors and you can even choose to keep them inside year round. The beauty of growing herbs is that they are very versatile as to where you plant and grow them. Growing and cultivating fresh healthy herbs indoors can be done right in your very own kitchen or on any window sill
There are endless choices when it comes to making a selection of which herbs you would like to grow. If you choose to grow herbs that require a shorter growing season then we've gotcha covered! Whether its taking a stroll through your garden on a summer's morning, or wanting to add a new flavor to your food, the fresh scent will inspire you and you will be glad that you added herbs to your garden. Veseys strives to offer as large a variety of organic and regular seed choices as we can. This selection is streamlined for all types of gardening to pertain to culinary, medicinal and ornamental, reliable herb varieties.

A few years ago, I grew my tomato plants in the revolutionary planter . This container allowed me to grow the tomato plant upside down as seen in the picture to the left. Instead of setting the water reservoir out of the top of it, I added extra potting soil.  You can probably guess what type of seed I planted to grow out of the top???  Nothing goes better with tomatoes then...Basil.  When the tomatoes were ready for harvest so was the basil. So fresh and so delicious and really took little time and space to accommodate for each of these plants.
 Also available for gardeners now-a-days are starter plants/transplants.  These plants have been started early to make it easier for gardeners when it comes time to plant. No worries if you are challenged with trying to find space to grow plants indoors, got a later start growing or would just simply prefer to plant directly outdoors. Veseys offers varieties of herbs as Starter Plants (some of which are not available as seed) to help you get a jump-start on the growing season. You will note that these plants are available in season only.                                              

Herbs are one of the best choices for your garden, especially if you are a first time gardener. They are so versatile and easy to grow. They grow very well in any type of soil directly in the ground, but many do even better in a container

Growing herbs in containers is quite convenient because you can place them right outside your kitchen enabling quick cooking access. Herbs require little maintenance for both growing as well as fertilizing. If you choose to fertilize , then you can apply a liquid fertilizer of fish emulsion or a water soluable type at half strength. This would be would be sufficient. Take care when fertilizing as too much of a good thing can be harmful to your plants.

 Another positive attribute with growing herbs that makes them easy to grow is that they are not often bothered by diseases or pests

 If grown indoors or out they will need to be placed in a sunny location with moderate temperatures and well drained soil. When temperatures turn cooler they can be brought indoors.  The transition to indoor growing is very simple especially if you already have them growing in containers.

When you choose to grow herbs, check out Vesey's extensive list as well as each individual growing requirement. You will also find that the directions are conveniently found on the back of each package which makes it extra easy when you go to plant. Both seeds of annual or perennial herbs can be grown quite successfully indoors provided they receive at least 6 hours of light.  A southwest facing window is ideal especially if it's in a corner where there are two windows.  You can also supplement them with artificial lighting if there is a concern of the plants receiving enough light. Providing ample light will also keep your plants from becoming to leggy.

Once your plants have grown and matured they are ready for harvesting.  Each herb will have different times when they are ready but it is very easy to know when to harvest and how to do it. The convenience of just snipping off what you want as well as the delicious fresh flavor is so worth the effort and time of growing herbs yourself. This can become a new hobby as well as a great sense of satisfaction.





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