Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bring back the Buzzing Bees


Many people have been wondering what all the buzz is with how Vesey's has teamed up with General Mills on bringing back the bees.  Some people have even said, "Why would we want those pests around when all they do is buzz around and sting people?"

The species of bees that we want to attract for pollination are so busy to even bother stinging us humans, their purpose is more important then that. What these bees do is help all farmers and gardeners whether large or small with being sure produce is plentiful.

As you may be aware, bee population in Canada is unstable. The dying bee population has such a large impact on our food supply as there is no other species that is of greater success with enabling proper pollination on producing our fruit and vegetables that we so greatly rely on.  We all need to take part by planting wildflower seeds as a way to attract these beneficial beings. The wildflowers that are included in seed mixes are just the right ingredients in attracting bees and other insects that are so helpful to encourage pollination. You can also supply natural habitats such as setting out or hanging up Mason Bee Houses to help these friends feel at home.  This makes it more inviting for them to stay, bee happy and also encourages them to work that much harder. End result... a successful garden! 

Bees feed off the nectar and pollen from flower blooms which provides them with the proper amount of protein and carbs in their diet to keep healthy as well as preventing them from risk of disease or parasites. Providing a bee bath of very shallow water will make your bees feel at home in your garden.# Do you have a long tall grass area in your backyard and never got around to doing anything with it or even cutting it for that matter? Well, you'll be happy to know that it is best to just leave it!  Bees are wild insects and love any kind of natural habitat setting, so don't waste extra energy on clearing up any wild meadows if you don't want to or have to. As mentioned these are all great ways in beginning on bring back a stronger healthier bee population.  

Without these bees or any great amount for that matter we wouldn't have proper vegetable or fruit pollination resulting in little to no produce. Bees are one of the most important beneficial insects that we rely on to get that part of our job done.  If you feel you need to use any type of treatment on your garden, it is best to limit the use as much as you can especially during high pollination and nesting times. 

I am very happy and proud that Vesey's is a part of this important task and with working together, we will be sure that it will be successful for all gardening friends no matter where you live.

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