Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vesey's Newest Spring Bulbs 2016!


If you are anything like me...which for your sake that may not be so good, LOL!  But in this case it may be once you continue to read this post.

 As the new year had come and gone, I always got excited to receive the newest Vesey's Spring Bulb catalogue after the focus of the holidays had gone by.  I have fond memories and still do from year to year as I check out new types of plants or new cultivars of existing ones.  This past January was the unveiling of the 2016 Vesey's Bulb catalogue and if you can also view it online. There is nothing like cozying up on a cool winter day with the catalogue and taking note of what to look forward to as the spring arrives.

If you choose to look through the catalogue, which is what I prefer the most, then you will see most of the new varieties on the first number of pages.  These pages are generally saved for our newest mentionables as these varieties are showcased here and easy to find. If you prefer  looking up websites, you can check out our new entries by clicking our Spring Bulbs and perennials link online. Of course, its not just all about the new entries, the old reliables such as bleeding hearts are just as beautiful.

Many people now-a-days love the plants that are also known as "low maintenance".  I always love hearing this term when describing the garden and realizing that its not just a term for people! I can understand though why people would choose these types of plants. As time during the day gets away from us, we may not have energy or time to give our flower gardens what they deserve, but on the same token, we would love to have our yards beautifully landscaped.

If you would like to choose these types of plants that really are "low maintenance" then you can refer to this list for those varieties. When we talk or describe plants as being easy to maintain it simply means that they are very carefree and just need to be planted when you receive them. All that is required is to water them from time to time and clip them back if needed before the cooler temperatures arrive.  If this sounds like your kind of gardening then these types of plants may fit in perfectly with your landscape design. I'm sure many gardeners have at least one or two Hostas included in the garden. Hostas are a very popular low maintenance plant that is noted for its beautiful foliage.  It actually does have an unique bloom in mid to late summer that can be cut and added to any type of bouquet. They last quite well as a cut flower and also attract beneficials.

Along with this category of plants, there are many other types of plants and small shrubs that really don't take up much time to care for. Whether its full sun or plants for shade that you require, there are many choices. One of my favourite types of perennials that love part sun/shady locations is the Astilbe.  Astilbe's come in all different colours, sizes and set a beautiful, unique plume perfectly above the foliage as picture below. Blooms similar to Astilbe's are encouraged to be left during winter because they are known to set seeds that the birds will enjoy when their food is scarce.  Perennials like this make a great choice especially since they are not only beautiful but dual purpose as well.

Along with all the choices of perennials and shrubs, there are many other beautiful selections for your garden such as bulbs like Dahlias, Lilies, Callas and Gladioli to name a few.  Some of these types of plants will need to be dug up in the fall, but because of their long standing beauty and bloom time, they are well worth it. Full planting instructions for perennial roots or bulbs that you receive from us can be viewed on our Youtube video here or found online as well as in our growing guide that you will receive with your order.

Options of planting small shrubs or ornamental trees as a centre piece of your garden can also compliment or make it complete.  There are so many selections to choose from whether you are looking to provide shade,colour as well as height or form to your landscape design. One of my favourite trees of all time was added to our newest line up this year.  I'm sure many of you have heard of the Gingko biloba tree, aka Maidenhair tree.  It has a unique fan shaped leaf that is light green in colour and turns a stunning bright shade through-out the season as pictured below. This tree has so much history, as stated in our catalogue,fossils of this tree date back millions of years and it also has amazing medicinal healing properties. Many of these selections will be available soon and before you know it, warmer spring weather will be here and these can all be planted.

Some of these unique selections may not be found at other garden centres so if you find a favourite plant or something new that intrigues you, it would be best to order it as soon as possible. We have over 145 new items this year, I invite you to check out what's new and exciting if you haven't already. When making your selections, you can check out the noted individual attributes for each plant type that is found with each description.This will ensure also that you can grow this type of plant within your region. As always...we are happy to answer any inquiries at any time so please feel free to contact us.

Continue to check out our website, facebook,new blog posts as well as our catalogues each season as there is always something new! You never know when there may be something that you have been looking for in a long time.  

It is my pleasure to take this time to officially welcome all our gardening friends to a new spring season. My hope is that you will all enjoy a successful, happy and healthy time in your gardens and remember as the saying goes,take time to stop and smell the flowers!


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