Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Best flower varieties to start from seed


No matter what type of gardening you enjoy whether it's flowers,veggies or a little bit of both it is all very relative as well as enjoyable. With the decrease in numbers of beneficials, especially bee population in particular, growing plants is highly recommended no matter where you live.  Along with bees, some butterflies as well as bats have suffered a great decrease in population, it is up to us to bring back these beneficials by growing certain types of plants as well as practicing ways to entice them to stick around for longer periods of time. We can set out beneficial habitats in our gardens such as Mason Bee Houses ,Solitatry Bee Hives, Ladybird Log, Butterfly Feeders(Yes, I did say butterfly, these are similar to  bird feeders), Bat Houses and Frogitats. All of these pollinator and predator attractors can be found here at Veseys. These will ensure you great results with increasing beneficial populations as well as proper plant pollination. As an added bonus you have full entertainment in your own yard!
Whether you are growing flowers indoors from seed or direct seeding in your garden after all risk of frost has passed, it will enable you to grow a much wider variety of plants. Growing seeds indoors doesn't have to be complicated or feel like it takes a lot of time, money or energy. You only need a few things to get started and still be very successful. By choosing this method of growing certain types of flower or vegetable seeds, you will be able to be sure these plants reach maturity. When living in a short growing season like I do, we need to start certain types of flowers from seed indoors in order to enjoy the beauty of their bloom and to grow them to reach their full potential.

When looking for ways to grow flower seeds, look no this is the best way to maximize your flower choices. Now is the time to "get growing" with some of these varieties so that they will be ready for transplanting outdoors after all risk of frost has passed.  The flower varieties that should be started now if you haven't already are listed below. Check out our veseys website if you would like further information on detailed growing instructions for each individual plant.

Banana(if you haven't already)-Banana is a particular type of plant, when grown from seed, has a long germination process and takes patients to grow. However, I guarantee you will be impressed and pleased with the results as it makes a very stunning centre piece in any flower garden.

Begonia (annual), Butterfly plant(perennial), Calibrachoa(annual and new this year!), Campanula(annual), Canna(annual), Coleus(annual), Coreopsis(perennial), Delphinium(perennial), Dianthus(annual), Dichondra(annual), Echinacea(perennial), Geranium(annual), Heliotrope(annual), Lavender(perennial) and Swedish Ivy(annual). 

The above list of flower seed to start right now is a basic guideline and may or may not be what you would think should be started at this time as all regions have different growing conditions. This list offers a good selection to get started with and are all easy to grow. Wondering which types of plants are best to attract pollinators...look on our website or in our catalogue for the symbol below. 

As the season keeps growing forward, Veseys will offer many more suggestions for other types of plants to either grow indoors or directly seeded in your garden. As mentioned, by starting these seeds early and indoors they will have a head start and grow successful through-out the whole season.  You can continue to check out our facebook site for all the updated veggie and flower tips as well as photos and stories from fellow gardeners starting now! We can always learn from one another so feel free to send us your stories or photos that you may want to share as well.

Happy growing and don't forget to stop and smell the flowers during the buzy days of spring!

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