Thursday, December 3, 2015

Benefits of Attending Trade Shows


It’s trade show time!  What is a trade show you might ask?  If you have never heard of or experienced a trade show before, I encourage you to consider attending one of these fun and informative shows for the first time. There are many well planned events where gardeners can get together, learn some new and valuable skills, drink coffee, eat, drink coffee, sample different flavours, drink coffee, and have fun!  And... if you still feel like having another coffee…go for it! No better time to attend these shows then while your garden is resting.
Trade shows begin in full swing around this time of the year, because like all other gardeners, as we approach winter, we are in a lull where digging in the soil for any extent of time is almost non-existent. Although you never know what you may find that will grow in winter months at one of these trade shows!

Just last week, I attended the ACORN (Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network) trade show event here in Charlottetown, PEI.  It’s a fun, informative 3 day show that always has a great line-up of speakers from many different “fields”. Next year this event is held in Moncton, New Brunswick from November 23-25th and Vesey’s booth will be there!


Trade shows break up the manotomy of the winter blues and help you look forward to what’s to come in only a matter of a few months.
We meet our friends new and old, and please don’t take that literally!  We can also network with other businesses with regards to seeing products and services firsthand and explore competative pricing. Some of the gardening products are demonstrated so you can see the actual job and the quality of the equipment. Get excited as you take your mind into garden planning mode. By doing necessary garden planning at this time it gives you the ability to organize and budget for another hopefully successful season, I am sure. 

When touring through the trade show, you may also come across companies that you never even knew existed and be pleasantly surprised with what they have to offer.  Always something that can be learned.


As I mentioned, along with the trade show booths, you can attend informative presentations through-out the day.  It’s so beneficial to attend these talks especially if you are interested in carrying-out a gardening project the presenter is instructing. If you have further questions after the conference, you will have the opportunity of talking with the professionals at their booth.

The part that I always enjoy the most about these shows whether I attend as a delegate or as a representative for Vesey’s Seeds, is networking and meeting new gardeners. Of course its always great to re-connect with friends that you have made from years ago.

If you would like to attend one or more of these trade shows I have included a few links of upcoming events that I'm sure you will find so valuable as well as fun.  You can watch for the Vesey's booth in Wolfville, Nova Scotia at the Scotia Horticultural Congress next month.

Oh and Ps...remember the amaryllis bulbs I had talked about in a recent blog, take a look at this as you get in the Christmas spirit!



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