Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Tell us Your Garden Stories" Customer Submission from Kathryn

My celtic knot vegetable garden

The vision for this 18' x 18' space was to create an attractive vegetable garden.  To add height, I grew potatoes vertically in chicken wire towers camouflaged by trailing nasturtiums. This center ring was outlined with radishes to provide greenery giving an early spring definition to the design and marigolds to deter pests. Companion planting was also used by placing borage amongst the tomatoes, and summer savoury with the beans.
Two quadrants were devoted to tomatoes, outlined with carrots using their soft green foliage as borders, and two quadrants were for beans - both yellow and green, outlined with beets. Kaleidoscope Swiss Chard was used for colour defining the outer ring, and the pathways were defined by seaweed mulch edged by colourful asters and zinnias.


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  1. lots of hard work went into such a great garden