Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Tell us Your Garden Stories" Customer Submission from Debbie McLellan

"Just sharing my stories about Vesey's and the seeds I purchased this year.  So I never have luck with cucumbers in my garden, I'll get a few a week, but sometimes the plants just don't produce a lot.  I decided to purchase the Salt and Pepper cucumber seeds last December with little expectation.

We started them inside in little pots, and soon had to transfer them to bigger pots.  We have a wonderful large window in our living room and the plants thrived.

I finally got to plant them outside and by June 28th, I had beautiful cucumbers to pick.  I also had some burpless cucumbers and they did extremely well too.

I can't express how happy I was to collect so many cucumbers and keep going until early October.  I had not planned on pickling any, so our neighbors, coworkers and family got to enjoy so many cucumbers this year also.

I would recommend this salt and pepper seed to anyone who even thinks about it, don't hesitate.  The tender seeds make it very enjoyable eating simply sliced and plain, or dressing it up however people want to do it.

Thank you Vesey's!"

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