Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Tell us Your Garden Stories" Customer Submission from Hélène Lavertu

"I'm on a tenth of an acre and that includes the house and the grass. The garden is tiny! My story is this: I always plant potatoes and beans together; potatoes in front, beans on a wood obelisk at the back. Generally, I plant potatoes in May and the beans in august and last year worked fine like this (second picture to immortalize the mess two happy plants can make when fully grown).
Last year was Norland Potatoes paired with Scarlet Runner Beans. This year (2014) was Golden Rush with Painted Lady. Unfortunately, the potatoes seemed to be more vigorous than the previous year - or maybe Golden Rush is just a taller variety than Norland - but by the time I came around to plant the beans, the potatoes had taken over the space and cast so much shade the beans never got a chance to climb the obelisk! I had a very small harvest there but luckily, I plant beans everywhere in the garden so my favorite staple wasn't missing from the table! As for why my Painted Lady beans are white and brown instead of the orange and black usual, I have no idea, but year after year it's like this! I don't collect my seeds, I plant yours every year and it comes out like this!"


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