Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rose Descriptions and Classifications




Each description begins with Fancy Name or ARS exhibition name - in some instances we have also provided the variety denomination or code name as regulated by the International Registry Authority for Roses. This 'code' name will appear in single quotes with the first three letters representing the breeder. (eg.) Lilian Austin 'Ausmound'

Below each description you will find details concerning each rose. While you will find most of this information for every rose listed, there will be instances where less than the eleven specific paticulars are provided. These references are listed in the following order:

ARS color classification/ Introduction date/ Bloom size/ Height/ Foliage/ Bud shape/ Fragrance/ Petal count/ Parentage/ Size/ Zone


The American Rose Society Color classification Chart serves as a standard measure for rose color.
w-White, Near White & White Blend
ly-Light Yellow
my-Medium Yellow
dy-Deep Yellow
yb-Yellow Blend
ab-Apricot & Apricot Blend
ob-Orange & Orange Blend
op-Orange Pink & Orange Pink Blend
or-Orange Red & Orange Red Blend
lp-Light Pink
mp-Medium Pink
dp-Deep Pink
pb-Pink Blend
mr-Medium Red
dr-Dark Red
rb-Red Blend
m-Mauve & Mauve Blend

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