Monday, December 29, 2014

"Tell us Your Garden Stories" Customer Submission from Joanne Cavan

"I have been getting all my seeds, bulbs & starter plants with veseys for many years now. This year I featured your Zinnias. Tall and short they were spectacular. They were still going strong until a month ago when I actually had to pull them to clean up for the winter season. Here are a couple of pictures. Enjoy... we certainly did!"

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Tell us Your Garden Stories" Customer Submission from Darlin Bonchek

"My name is Darlin Bonchek and we live in Courtice, Ontario. My garden is my favorite place to be. I plant flowers that help attract hummingbirds and butterflies. I created a small sanctuary for birds and small animals, since their natural habitat is slowly diminishing.

Vesey seeds helps us to attract these to our beautiful backyard with all their flowers and bird feeders. One of the pictures is a old swing set covered with a vine and it serves as well needed protection from birds of prey over the winter as well as summer.

Thank you Veseys for all your help. We had monarch butterflies stop by for the first time in years."

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Tell us Your Garden Stories" Customer Submission from Roberta Denyes

"This is My favorite picture that is about flowers and gardening. My son, Sabin was enjoying playing outside and presented me with a beautiful wildflower. To him it was the most beautiful flower he seen, just perfect for giving. 

My name is Roberta Denyes and I live in Beaver bank Nova Scotia. What grows in my garden is childhood memories and 'hand pickable' flowers like daisies, buttercups and purple violets."

Friday, December 12, 2014

"Tell us Your Garden Stories" Customer Submission from Barbara Hopkin

"My name is Barbara Hopkin and I Live in Halifax Nova Scotia. I am a big fan of Vessey's spring bulbs because they bring such joy after a long winter season of dreary cold weather. They bring such joy in their bright cheerful colours!

Water plants add that peaceful retreat from a long and noisy day."

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Tell us Your Garden Stories" Customer Submission from Lucille Yates

Lucille Yates write in to us, to show a great alternative to a "traditional lawn."

"We removed the grass from our front garden and replaced it with low growing plants in front of the existing flower bed of taller plants."

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Tell us Your Garden Stories" Customer Submission from Sonya Richards

About 5 years ago I visited a friend's home in Ottawa and saw a Vesseys' magazine on their coffee table. I asked if I could have a look, she said I could have that one. Much to my delight, I immediately ordered several items but I especially liked the dinnerplate Dahlias. I had to hide the box when I got it delivered in the mail, cause my husband says I spend far too much on plants for my garden.

I followed the instructions as given and watched to see what would happen. When the leaves started shooting up, the rabbits started nibbling on them, so I covered them with empty plastic plant containers. As soon as they were strong enough I allowed them to get the sun and covered them at nights. As I excitedly waited for my plants to grow, I had to live with the words of "you have too many plants in the garden"

BUT.....when my plants started blooming, I did not care what was said, I just nurtured them and spoke to them, played music for them, and lo and behold, my plants opened and smiled at me and my family and neighbours, who curiously asked "where did you get the gorgeous flowers" My husband even started accepting compliments for them. I am now the envy of my neighbourhood as I have the best garden on our street.

I cut them and send them to sick friends, people ask for them for weddings, I make arrangements for friends at work, who beam with delight for the beautiful arrangements on their desks. But most of all, just seeing them in my garden make my eyes dance.

That's my story...
Sonya Richards